Coachella Me: What to Wear

If you are among the lucky 85,000+ attending Coachella this year, be sure to pack light.  All you need is your “free-spirit” and a pair of dancing shoes…

Hmmmm…if that were only true.

Aside from being one of the hottest outdoor music festivals and exhibitions of sculptural art, Coachella is an overflowing venue of models, actresses and showgoers showcasing their raw street style.

The look mixes the 70′s love-child with what’s hot right now.  Otherwise known as boho-chic.

Images from Coachella 2012 and of Chloe Norgaard photographed by Angelo Pennetta for i-D

How to Get the Look for 2013:

Fancy Shades

Fabulous Floppy or Hat to the back

Barely there Swimwear

Eclectic Jewels

Painterly Maxi

Crop that Top or Button it Down

Cut them Off…Shorts

Kicks for Chicks

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